Pacific Image Electronics Introduces PowerFilm

Pacific Image Electronics announces PowerFilm the latest scanning technology that enhances workflow in 35mm film digitizing. PowerFilm allows a user to scan up to 10 filmstrips (2-6 frames) at one time, which is up to 60 frames in one batch, this scanner has customizable settings to allow for archive labeling and sorting, it scans in the popular JPEG and TIFF formats offering 6-Megapixel (fast mode) and 24-Megapixel output quality images. Scanning color negative, color positive and black and white films it meets all of your 35mm filmstrip scanning needs.

PowerFilm also includes enhanced proprietary capabilities for multiple pass exposure as well as infrared technology for dust and scratch removal to achieve the best possible image output. The Multipass Xposure, when enabled process exposes the film to two different exposure  levels, to produce a high quality final output. The Magic Touch technology designed in-house, uses the scanners infrared light source to digitally detect and remove film imperfections during the scanning process saving a lot of post editing time of each individual frame.

PowerFilm automated batch scanning allows users to configure all the settings, insert up to 10 strips of film and start scanning, then walk away free to do other things, no babysitting the machine to advance to the next frame as you do with other units that require the cumbersome filmstrip holders scanning images one by one.

PowerFilm is an excellent solution for photographers and consumers with years and years of old negatives to digitize, and for libraries, schools and government facilities needing to archive large numbers of filmstrips.