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AnteoTech Life Science is focused on solving two problems that POC and diagnostic product developers and manufacturers face:

  • Retaining and enhancing protein activity that may be compromised through irreversible chemical or structural modification, and
  • Accommodating problematic proteins that scientists find challenging when using conventional coupling methods.

AnteoBind™ uses multiple dative bonding and coordination chemistry, and combines the ease-of-handling of passive adsorption with the strength of binding of covalent chemistry, providing superior performance for bioconjugation applications in Life Science.

AnteoBind™ enabled technology delivers improved performance and workflow advantages over conventional methods, leading to better products and better results.

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Download Brochure

Reininghün Diagnostics Biomedical Corporation is an IVD research and development company specifically developing test in formats of POCT immunoassay for oversea pharma, biotech firms and bio-departments of semiconductor companies. Their team member consists of PhDs, MSc, MT (Medical Technicians) and MSc in EE. All members have been in this field of IVD R&D for over 10~20 years.


RND Biomedical’s expertise covers the initial stage of product formation (Target confirmation, IP analysis and sequence design) to antibody/antigen product and POCT development including technical transfer to IVD GMP plants for mass production. In some cases, client may wish to perform clinical evaluations; they will assist in in arranging clinical trials (Taiwan and/or Japan).


They provide comprehensive starter kit for lateral flow assay development.

Download RND starter kit



Kingfocus are a vertically integrated company with R&D, manufacturing and commercial sales. They are a national hi-tech enterprise and CE certified. Kingfocus have built self-owned core technologies with Ingenuity,and realized mass production of QDs diagnostic reagents with an annual output of over 2 million aliquots for the first time in the world. By upgrading and promoting QDs tech.,Kingfocus improved the precision of the chromatographic methodology to within 10% for the first time,making it the first IVD company to achieve the "pg" detection level using the chromatographic method in our country. AnotherKingfocus also provide services for raw materials of quantum dots.

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